"Black curbing with Spanish Texture Pattern!"

Call us today for a free, no obligation curbing estimate.

Is it too early to be thinking about curbing your garden or driveway?  Absolutely not!  With little or no snow on the ground, we can prepare an estimate for you so that when we begin curbing in the spring, you will be one of the first.

Curbs in the Burbs, is proud to offer an alternative landscape border for your property.  Decorative concrete curbing is ideally suited for home and business applications.   Our continuous custom concrete borders are not available at retail outlets.  Each custom design application is unique.  No longer are you limited to straight lines and square corners.  Your landscape designs may now have flowing curves, gentle arches and rounded corners.

Curbs in the Burbs, installs a border that is a continuous piece of concrete that varies in height and width.  Our custom borders come in three different profiles, many different stamp options and numerous integral colour choices for a truly unique appearance.  The clean look of the border will redefine any landscape project.  Since the border is continuous extruded concrete, weeds cannot creep over or under your border: this allows you to spend less time working on the weeds.  The curb will not rot like wood, rust like metal, or deteriorate like plastic.

Landscaping can add 15-20% to the value of your home and custom designed and stamped continuous landscape borders enhance your overall landscaping.  We will provide you with beautiful curbing that you will enjoy for years.

Our goal has always, and will continue to be “Complete Customer Satisfaction”.  The Curbs in the Burbs family is committed to achieving excellence, not only in the custom decorative landscape curbing installation, but also in the personal services we extend to each client.